About Us


We love music,

We love fashion,

We love doing the things that feed our soul.

That is where the magic happens...

Love what you do, and laugh and dance a little everyday! 

We want to share this journey with you, and we hope you follow our small business because we have big dreams!  Dreams of creating and curating beautiful collections for you, clothing that expresses your own unique and personal style. Clothes that make you feel beautiful! 

Rock Scissors Soul 


Kimonos became an iconic silhouette for rock legends of the 60ʼs and 70ʼs from

Janis Joplin to our inspiration and muse Stevie Nicks.

They brought a bohemian and mystical style that was their own.

This bohemian and cultural influence was an expression of the free spirit and love of its time.

We love that Kimonos have come back into fashion.

Kimonos are timeless. A simple, easy silhouette that can be interpreted into so many different fabrics, embellishments and moods.

A seasonless style for everyone that you can easily layer with your existing wardrobe, or simply throw over a tee shirt and jeans to become your own legend.

Rock on...